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Wednesday, May 22, 2024


Wildwood Should Reconsider Trump Rally Permit

By Janet Yunghans, Petersburg

To the Editor:

The City of Wildwood may want to reconsider their controversial decision to host a Trump Rally for the presumptive Republican nominee on May 11.

This is not the first time that Wildwood has hosted a rally of this type. I have vivid memories of my service as “peacekeeper” at a counter rally held in January 2020. I experienced violent rhetoric, cursing and spitting from his ardent MAGA supporters. Surrounded by the jeers and taunts of MAGA loyalists, I worried for my personal safety and the safety of all in my group.

Wildwood has been working hard to create an image as a family-friendly vacation spot. There are a large number of community events planned for May 11, including a cheer competition that will involve a large number of children and teens. Many others will visit the city to enjoy the beautiful beaches, boardwalk and scenery.

As Trump’s loyalists flood into the city with their flags and banners, they will have extra incentive to turn violent as their idol sits in the NYC courtroom facing charges of falsifying business records and election fraud. I do not believe that this is what most tourists are eager to experience as they make plans to relax on Wildwood’s expansive beaches.

As this all plays out, the leaders of Wildwood should realize that the families and tourists will be watching and possibly making plans to go elsewhere this summer.



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