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Saturday, July 13, 2024


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I…

Q: Access an electronic copy of the print edition?

A: Go to


Q: Place a Classified myself via the website, for print and/or online publication?



Q: Submit a letter to the editor? 



Q: Submit a Spout Off for print publication? 



Q: Submit a News Tip? 

A: During regular office hours, call (609) 886-8600 ext. 130


Q: Subscribe, to receive a paper by postal delivery?



Q: When is your website updated?

A: We update our website several times daily, as content becomes available for publication. We want to get the best information possible to you as quickly as possible. So, check back often for new information! An electronic version of the (Wednesday) print edition is uploaded each Tuesday evening.


Q: Is all of the content in the print edition posted online?

A: Yes. We generally post information online as it becomes available. We also post an electronic copy of the print edition onliine. So, generally by the time the print edition is delivered on Wednesday morning, the entire contents have already been published online.


Q: Our organization is sponsoring an event. How do I get it published online and in print?

A: Please call (609) 886-8600 ext. 118 or email   


Q: I have great personal news I’d like to share with the community. How do I get it printed in the Herald?

A: Your news is community news; so, we want to publish it. For free, space-available publication, email your announcement to

Approved announcements will be published online shortly after it is submitted. It will appear in print if/when space is available. To assure timely print publication, or to specify how the announcement should appear, please call (609) 886-8600 x133 or email


Q: How are birth announcements and obituaries submitted for publication?

A: Birth announcements are handled in the same manner as other personal news (see adjacent Q&A). Obituaries are typically submitted by the funeral home in charge of the services.  For help in placing an obituary, please call (609) 886-8600 ext. 134 or email


Q: If I perceive an error or imbalance in your news coverage, how do I report this? How do I request a correction or clarification?

A: The Herald strives to present fair and accurate coverage. If you perceive we have not met this standard, please contact the managing editor at


Q: Do I need a digital subscription to view your articles? 

A: Yes. Your digital subscription supports our editorial mission and website operations.


Q: What subscription options do you offer?  

A: See our  subscription options


Q: Do you offer free page views? 

A: Registered users may view 2 free articles before choosing a subscription level.


Q: Do I need to log in to read The Herald? 

 A: If you have a digital subscription, you must be logged in to access premium content. Use the button in the top-right corner of the page to login with your subscription-associated email address.


Q: Can you help me log in if I forgot my password? 

A: If you can’t recall your password, click the forgot your password link and follow the instructions. 


Q: How can I support The Herald? 

Purchase a digital subscription

Make a donation – Your generous support helps us deliver the best possible service to Cape May County’s residents and visitors.  Make a donation now.


Q: How do I cancel my digital subscription?  

A: We are working with our website service provider to develop a simpler process for service cancellations. 

In the meantime, auto-renewals may be canceled at any time by contacting us at  Please be sure to include the email address associated with the subscriber’s account.  

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