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Sunday, June 16, 2024


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Cape May County Herald
1508 Route 47, Rio Grande
Cape May County, NJ 08242
Phone: (609) 886-8600
Fax: (609) 886-1879

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For Classified Advertising & Billing,

For Other Herald Advertising,

For Other Billing, email

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Send Press Releases to 

For questions about the Herald’s website,

For other inquiries,  Admin@cmcherald.comd

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Call us at  609-886-8600

For a complete directory, Dial 7

For Classified Advertising & Billing, Dial 133 

For Other Billing, Dial 136

For Other Herald Advertising, Dial 115

For the Newsroom & Letters to the Editor, Dial 130

For questions about the Herald’s website, Dial 129

For other inquiries, Dial 0.

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