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Tuesday, June 25, 2024


What About the Fight on Atlantic Avenue?

By Gabrielle Notch, Cape May

To the Editor:

On the same day that the fights erupted in Wildwood during Memorial Day weekend, there was another disturbing incident in the 3300 block of Atlantic Avenue. A young kid innocently passed by a group of teenagers only to be viciously attacked by them. Despite his efforts to escape, they relentlessly beat him, delivering at least five brutal blows, resulting in his jaw becoming dislocated from his mouth.

It’s alarming that amidst all this, the news seems to focus solely on a stabbing incident in Ocean City. I personally witnessed the violence on Atlantic Avenue and I’m deeply concerned. While many attribute the closure of the Wildwood Boardwalk to the fights there, the gravity of this young kid’s near-fatal encounter seems to be overlooked. I hope this was not overlooked to protect this shore town’s reputation.


Cape May

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