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Wednesday, May 29, 2024


To Trump or Not to Trump?

By James Paul Jr., South Dennis

To Trump or not to Trump? That is the question.

For Mr. Hall of the Herald, the answer is no. For Mr. Monzo, the answer is yes. Each explains his position in the Herald.

I commend Mr. Hall for his support of free speech. Mr. Monzo’s letter was a point-by-point critique of Mr. Hall’s well-written column of March 27. In today’s biased news world, many newspapers won’t publish opinions that run counter to their own views.

For me, the most obvious difference between Trump and Biden was revealed when Russian dictator Vladimir Putin attacked Ukraine. It is a fact that this madman kept his army in Russia when Trump occupied the Oval Office. Now there is another horrific war in the Middle East. That is a bit redundant as all wars are horrific! Asia has become dicey – will China attack Taiwan? No one, including Joe Biden, has the slightest clue where these wars are headed. As so-called “leader of the free world” his time in office has been a total catastrophe. Only an implacable partisan can defend his record. He has disqualified himself.

I am exploring the candidacy of Bobby Kennedy Jr. I heard his speech on the day he introduced his running mate. I agreed with most of his positions – not all, but most. He was positive and “issue-oriented.” I’ll take that over constant partisan rancor. I believe Mr. Monzo was too dismissive too early regarding this candidacy. Kennedy has the name, the intelligence, and the political background to mount a serious challenge. Information travels at warp speed these days and much will come to pass between now and Nov. 5.

I intend to stay tuned and will hope everyone does the same.

P.S. In politics it’s called “holding your nose” when you vote for a “lesser of the evils” candidate. I quit this type of voting about 30 years ago. As a result, I always feel good after voting. Give it a try.


South Dennis

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