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Sunday, July 21, 2024


CORRECTED: Pa. Woman’s False Report Closed Surfside Pier

CORRECTED: Pa. Woman’s False Report Closed Surfside Pier

By Herald Staff

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CORRECTION: The below story incorrectly referred to Taylor Erickson as a man. Erickson is a woman.

NORTH WILDWOOD – A 29-year-old Pennsylvania woman was charged with creating a false public alarm after she reported seeing a juvenile with a gun on the boardwalk, police said.

The claim was false, but police shut down Surfside Pier as a precaution, a release provided by the Police Department said.

On Saturday, June 22, police received a report of a juvenile male on the boardwalk who was brandishing a firearm, and that suspects had entered the Surfside Pier. The report was widely circulated on social media and carried by Philadelphia news outlets.

Police shut down the Surfside Pier at 25th Avenue and the beach as a precaution.

Police responding to the scene met with the complainant, Taylor Erickson, of Bristol, who provided a detailed description of the alleged subjects as well as a description of the firearm. This information was broadcast to the Wildwood Police Department and prompted a response from the Cape May County SWAT Team.

“The alleged suspects would later be located by the Wildwood Police Department and confirmed not to be in possession of any firearm,” the North Wildwood news release said.

Once law enforcement personnel determined the pier was clear of any potential threats it was reopened.

Detective Vincent Deritis conducted an investigation that included interviews of witnesses and review of available surveillance cameras and video footage. Deritis was unable to corroborate details Erickson provided.

“The investigation additionally revealed no evidence of anyone brandishing a firearm,” the release says.

A follow-up interview of Erickson was conducted, and according to police she admitted to creating a false report to law enforcement due to a verbal altercation with the juveniles.

As a result, Erickson was charged with second-degree causing false public alarm and second-degree making false reports to law enforcement officers. She was given a summons complaint and released pending a court date.

The Police Department commended its officers in the patrol and detective divisions and thanked the public for its cooperation and understanding.

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