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Letters to the Editor 4.5.2006


Public Ripe
For Taxing
To the Editor:
Contrary to popular belief, P.T.
Barnum did not say, “There’s a sucker born every minute.” It was another con man by the name of David Hannum who made that statement during the same time period.
I would like to upgrade his statement to our current time frame. Jim Carroll says, as far as our voting public goes, “There’s a sucker born every nanosecond.”
It doesn’t take much to fool the na•ve, gullible, American public.
Politicians know this and they use our weakness to further their gain.
State wise, it appears our new Gov. “Honest” Jon Corzine is going to renege on his campaign promise to increase our property tax rebates.
So, citizens, tighten up the purse strings because it’s quite obvious that Honest Jon’s administration is going to find many more ways to separate “we the people” from our hard-earned cash.
Green Creek
Never Stop
Being Real
To the Editor:
There is an idea being advertised that there are no perfect people; yet Jesus commanded us to be perfect (Matthew 5:48). God stated, “Be ye holy for I am holy.” (Leviticus 19:2).
It would be very cruel for God and His Son to both expect us to be holy and perfect and not make a way.
Jesus, the Lamb of God, died on Calvary that we might be cleansed from all sin; to say that His blood did anything less is to deny His power.
There can be no such thing as a sinning Christian. The Delaware Bay is 75 percent pure water – but don’t drink it. Any gospel message that allows sin is as contaminated – don’t listen to it.
The power of God in the sacrifice of His Son is a 100-percent perfect cure for sin, and only holy souls are allowed in Heaven.
Jesus and salvation are real, perfect and holy. Don’t settle for less: Be real.
West Cape May
Our Readers Write
Support Troops, Nation, President Bush
To the Editor:
 We are Americans. We are proud. We are compassionate. We are proud of our country’s principals, our history. We are the heirs to the vision of our forefathers, Washington, Madison, Jefferson, Hale and Lincoln.
Our country endured the catastrophe of the Civil War and sought to right the world at war being the key force to defeat Hitler and the Japanese invaders. We endured the humility of Vietnam and then befriended that nation.
Our political parties have waned and yawed with power and direction, Republican, Democrat, and then Democrat-Republican. We did, however, remain, as always, Americans.
America is my country. America seeks to pursue the correct and judicious way to do the “right thing” – the theory that our country was, as Ronald Reagan expressed, the “Shining City on a hill.”
It was rightful to express that sentiment when the statements etched on our Statue of Liberty proclaimed “Give me your tired, your poor”…The bright beacon of the light of freedom to shine across the oceans of the world, we welcomed you.
“What happened?” Where are we now? Is this our country? Our country seeks to be right but we should again proclaim “our country right or wrong”.
We stand against a terrorist uprising that seeks to destroy freedom and destroy religious freedom, but more to produce dictatorships of such vicious and inhumane acts of fratricide that is against us, Americans, who as we did before respond to such a threat. Have we lost our way? Is this country’s leadership entitled to support to defeat this threat?
The threat is indeed worldwide, but surely not as in World War II where we can identify the enemy. He is everywhere and nowhere. He is next door and half a world away.
He is in a sleeper cell or a boy of 16 strapped with explosives. A difficult enemy. Do we shirk from the duty to expel him from humanity because it’s too painful; too barbaric too humanly hurt and distasteful?
The strength of the country is the binding force that is the American spirit. We will not let this foul and maniacal enemy defeat freedom.
We must support our country, our troops, our effort and indeed our leadership, including George Bush, the president of these United States. He is not simply a partisan; he is our president, our leader, and the focal point of the world. His office and his image must be supported.
Our Readers Write
Avalon Can’t Halt Dune Home
To the Editor:
This letter is in response to the Spout Off that appeared in the Herald’s March 22 edition regarding the construction in the Avalon high dunes at 53rd Street and Dune Drive.
Before any construction can occur in the dunes, adjacent to the beaches or waterways a property owner must apply for permits from the State Department of Environmental Protection, Land Use Regulation Program (DEP) under the Coastal Area Facility Review Act (CAFRA).
Under New Jersey statutes and the borough of Avalon beach and dune ordinances redevelopment may be permitted if the new structure has the same footprint as the one already on the property.
At the time an application is made to CAFRA any citizen may submit comments on that application.
The high dunes in Avalon constitute one of the last remaining high dune areas in southern New Jersey. In January 1999, shortly after receipt of notification of a CAFRA application for the property in the high dunes at 53rd and Dune Drive, the Avalon Environmental Commission held a formal public hearing on that application.
One of the reasons for that hearing was that the proposed structure was very much larger than the existing structure. As a result of this hearing the commission submitted comments to DEP urging that the application be denied on the grounds of the environmental impact (namely the effect on the dunes, vegetation and wildlife habitat) and the size of the project amongst others.
DEP denied permission to build, however, shortly thereafter attorneys for the property owner filed an appeal with the Office of Administrative Law in Trenton. An agreement was reached that overturned the DEP denial, with the proviso that the structure be made slightly smaller than originally requested. Notice of this agreement was apparently published in the DEP Bulletin with a 10-day public comment period.
The borough was not a party in the mediation discussions, nor was the borough notified directly of neither the results of the mediation discussions nor the publication of the agreement.
With this legal settlement, the Borough of Avalon cannot impose standards on dune protection that are more stringent then those of DEP.
As a result the planning and zoning board was limited in the nature of the review that could be carried out under borough ordinances.
Conditions of approval were given by the board and when these had been complied with the appropriate borough permits were issued.
Chair, Avalon Environmental Commission
Save History Now
To The Editor:
Developers are about making as much money as possible from their investments.
Future New Jersey generations should know that we stood up against raw greed, all too prevalent these days, and invested time and interest in saving significant Cape May County landmarks.
It is only when we know and honor our past will we be able to grow gently and productively into our future.
I challenge all Cape May County, as well as West Cape May office holders and business leaders to take a stand for our past and find a way to save our heritage.
There is no reason not to save the Douglas House “Ezekial Eldredge House” at 108 Stevens St. in historic West Cape May.
This house, built in 1720, was named for an early founder; in fact the town was originally named Eldredge.
The Moffit House has already been lost, where shamefully town leaders just this week approved subdivision development, as well as many other important pieces of Cape history are in real jeopardy now of being lost forever.
Those interested in preserving real educational opportunities for future Cape May County children should call freeholders at 465-1065, as well as the West Cape May mayor and borough commissioners, 884-1005.
Dias Creek
Our Readers Write
Police Salaries Don’t
Replace Job Dangers
To The Editor:
I am writing in answer to a Spout Off from Rio Grande that complained about police making twice as much money as some people do.
My answer is: the police have an organization called “Concerns of Police Survivors.” The money that is donated goes to the families of policemen who have lost their life in the line of duty.
I would like to tell that to one of the widows who have lost their husband in the line of duty. No amount of money will bring him back.
Put yourself in her shoes before spouting off.
As far as the salaries that the police receive, no amount of money could replace the danger in their work when they put their lives on the line to protect people like the residents in Lower Township.
North Cape May
Make Bush Account
To The Editor:
Censure is a reasonable first step to holding the president accountable.
Even Republicans have acknowledged that the president broke the law and now they’re discussing plans to retroactively make his program legal.
This isn’t about partisan politics, its about the rule of law. If Congress doesn’t support censuring the president, theyâre saying its OK for the president, any president, to break the law.
Troiano: No One Invited City
To The Editor:
In the Herald’s March 29 edition, one of the anonymous writers to the Spout Off section wrote the following concerning a meeting of the Greater Wildwood Chamber of Commerce luncheon on March 15:
“Where was Wildwood? They were a no show. No one from an events committee or entertainment person was there to tell us what our tax dollars would be paying for this simmer.”
He or she went on to state, “Are these events secret or does Wildwood not like to share with others?”
We have researched our files and find no notice or invitation to such a meeting. The City of Wildwood has always responded to an invitation by sending a representative.
We did, however, find a Feb. 2 presentation the City of Wildwood made to Andrew Cripps, outgoing executive director of the Chamber of Commerce, commending him and his organization for their dedication to our community.
The City of Wildwood’s events are not secret and the statement is ludicrous. What advantage would it be to keep events secret? All our events are extensively advertised, not only locally but in out-of-town papers and television.
The only secrecy I see is the anonymity of the writer.
My advice is, first get your information straight, and then make an appointment to talk with me in my office.
I will be glad to discuss all of the City of Wildwood’s events, and answer any other questions.

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