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Sunday, May 19, 2024


Licenses Will Now be Mailed, MVC Says


By Press Release

TRENTON – As part of a long-planned security upgrade, the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission is rolling out a new license design with modern security features, issued centrally from a secure production facility. 

According to a release, Central Issuance is industry best practice, providing greater fraud protection and security for individuals’ personal information and protecting them from identity theft. 

At least 27 states already have a practice of Central Issuance. 

What this means for the customer: 

  • Licenses will no longer be printed at licensing centers while you wait, but will be mailed to you. You will be given an interim license at the center. 

  • The current printers, which are outdated, frequently overheat and break down, will be removed from the centers. Your transaction will be quicker and more efficient, getting you in and out of the center in less time. 

“My office is honored to work with Chief Sue Fulton and her team, at the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission, to move forward with this long-anticipated update that enhances the security of New Jersey licenses,” stated Jared M. Maples, director of the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness. “In addition to complying with national REAL I.D. standards, having secure identity credentials better protects New Jersey residents from fraud and identity theft.” 

“Our commitment to producing secure, reliable documents requires constant updates to our security, and we’re grateful for the support and counsel of Director Maples and the Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness,” stated Sue Fulton, chief administrator of NJMVC. “We already mail hundreds of thousands of licenses via our online and mail renewal systems, but this initiative will round out that process – and have the side effect of speeding your trip if you have to visit the agency in person.” 

This initiative, originally planned as part of REAL I.D. Readiness, was delayed due to the COVID-19 crisis. It is now expected to go live Nov. 24. 

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