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Wednesday, April 24, 2024


Tract Offsets College Campus Ground

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By Al Campbell

CREST HAVEN – Action by the Board of County Commissioners July 27 will satisfy the need to set aside a tract of woodland as a result of building the Atlantic Cape Community College about a mile from the parcel.
By unanimous vote, the board will pay $280,000 to the Nanavati Family Limited Partnership for wooded land, at 109 Magnolia Dr., in Court House. The purchase resulted after locating the campus of the county college, and the need to substitute land for that disturbance. 
The 68,000-square-foot facility opened in August 2005. 
According to the resolution, the owner agreed to sell the parcel to the county. The funds came from a 2018 bond ordinance.
Middle’s Bike Path Extension
Middle Township’s request for $615,314 to extend its bicycle path north to neighboring Dennis Township was approved at the July 27 board meeting. A public hearing was held May 11; no objections were voiced at the session.
Funding came from Open Space funds. The municipality’s original application, in 2016, was for $1.6 million, which wasapproved Feb. 14, 2017.
Bridge Contracts
Two resolutions approved expenditures for bridges.
A change order was approved for Michael Baker International Inc. for engineering services, for $45,200, on Corson’s Inlet Bridge. The funds cover design work at Pier 29’s caisson below the mean high water line.
Colliers Engineering & Design was approved for a contract increase of $37,500, for design work on the Roosevelt Boulevard Bridge deck. The bridge links Upper Township and Ocean City on County Road 623.
Rumble Strip Reimbursement
Those centerline rumble strips that warn motorists who leave the center of their lane qualified for more federal reimbursement to the county.
According to a resolution, an additional $168,382 will bring the county total to $985,160 eligible from the federal government.
County Landfill Remediation
Old landfills never go away, or so it seems.
A former landfill owned by the county, near the County Airport, onFulling Mill Road, continues to incur costs. 
A resolution July 27 approved a modification to the contract of Sadat Associates Inc., for $54,300, “to initiate site investigations and assessment of a preliminary closure approach.”
The firm provided a proposal in connection with recently detected groundwater contamination “for an emerging contaminant class of concern.” It did not specify the substance. The county wants toclose the former Mar-Tee landfill.

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