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Thursday, June 20, 2024


Stone Harbor Mayor Backs Giulian for Reelection


By Leslie Truluck

STONE HARBOR — Councilman Karl Giulian requested time to make a public statement during council’s meeting Sept. 1.
“My life has become a focus for many people in this town. I’ve received many calls, some expressing anger and others expressing support. I’ve experienced some financial downturns with my business [Giulian Property Management] and had to downsize and regroup,” he said.
“To pull out of this financial hole, it has made me, my wife and family better people and a better family. I look at my involvement in the community over the past 20 years, believe I am an asset to the community and look forward to continued service,” he said.
In a previous article, the Herald reported that Giulian owed over $100,000 in overdue state and federal taxes for his private small business.
No one commented on Giulian’s tax issue during the public portion of the meeting, nor did Mayor Suzanne Walters and council members.
After the meeting, the mayor told the Herald that she continues to support Giulian for reelection to council. Walters also endorses Judy-Davies Dunhour for council.
“I feel it is a private matter and an unfortunate situation for him and his family. I feel it is a disgrace that people have used it as a political tool,” Walters said.
“Karl has done a wonderful job. I’ve known him for over 20 years. He was on the school board prior to council, as was I. He’s a family man who is devoted to this town and he’s always looking out for the best interest of everyone, not just a particular group.”
“Everyone knows he’s experienced problems. He’s in the process of fixing it. This issue does not belong in the public venue; it is a private family matter,” she added.
Walters said she does not think Giulian’s overdue state and federal taxes negatively affect his abilities as chairman of the Administration and Finance Committee.
Giulian, who was a Republican, chose to now run as an Independent.
The mayor’s comments echoed that of Giulian’s in a prior interview with the Herald:
“I believe it gives him a better perspective on raising taxes. He’s seen the burden of taxes, and that’s why he votes ‘no’ on some spending issues.”
Walters said former Councilman Julian Miraglia first brought Giulian’s overdue taxes to her attention last February.
“Miraglia did not want Karl to run for council again,” she said.
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