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Monday, May 27, 2024


SIC Residents Tell Council of Concerns

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By Camille Sailer

SEA ISLE CITY – Two residents spoke during the public comment portion of the Sept. 13 city council meeting, addressing general concerns about problems around the community.
One woman cited a number of “extremely dangerous” situations occurring around town.
On “a regular basis” she has personally witnessed these things. “I am always walking my dog around town,” the woman said.
She continued that “speeding at the Townsend Inlet area has caused numerous near misses of pedestrians almost hit including small children. Please, can the city do something by issuing more warnings or putting up more flashing lights to slow down?” 
She identified work trucks as prime culprits and said that she also saw a young teenager jump off the Townsend Inlet bridge. 
“The toll booth attendant seemed to be unaware although a number of us on the beach were screaming not to jump,” she continued. 
She mentioned that the county bridge commission was not aware of the incident when she called them.
Council member Jack Gibson agreed it was unwise, saying the area is extremely dangerous for the depth of water, low tide changes and strong currents. He said the youth was “extremely lucky.” 
At the same meeting, another long-time resident urged the city administration to support measures that might curb summer concerns, including parking spots and party house rentals.
“After Labor Day I posted a simple message on Facebook that ‘isn’t it nice to have things quiet and find a parking spot’,” he said. 
According to the resident, the post elicited more than a thousand responses, most detailing inconveniences that property owners confront during the hectic summer season.
The complaints included a lack of parking for residents as renters fill the streets with multiple cars to one house, swimming in pools not belonging to their rented houses and parking in others’ driveways. 
He asked city officials to look for ways to rein in the number of cars used by a single house.

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