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Wednesday, July 24, 2024


Repaving Awaits 2 County Roads; Dennis Redevelopment Pact OK’d

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By Al Campbell

  • Two county roads will be repaved for just over 45.8 million. 
  • Matalucci’s MUA appointment expiration was amended.
  • Dennis Township, county approved redevelopment agreement to fight blight.
  • Soar Church was approved as an emergency shelter.
  • Search and Rescue coordinator was named.
  • Two were renamed to Human Services Council.

CREST HAVEN – Two county roads are to be resurfaced for nearly $5.9 million. 
Contracts were awarded to South State Inc. of Bridgeton for Dias Creek Road and Dennisville-Petersburg Road. Unanimous approvals were given Sept. 13 by the Board of County Commissioners.
Dias Creek Road links Route 47 to Mechanic Street in Court House. Its contract was $3.4 million.
Dennisville-Petersburg Road links Route 47 in Dennisville to Tuckahoe Road in Petersburg. Its contract was $2.5 million.
Bids for both were received on Aug. 24. The firm’s bid was deemed “the only responsible bid” according to the resolutions.

Matalucci MUA Appointment Amended

An amendment was made Sept. 13 to the Aug. 9 resolution that appointed Dennis Township Mayor Zeth Matallucci as a Municipal Utilities Authority commissioner. 
The expiration date of his term was changed to Feb. 1, 2025, from Feb. 1, 2027.

Dennis Redevelopment Pact Ok’d

Citing the pilot redevelopment program in Wildwood, the county forged a two-year agreement with Dennis Township to form a Municipal Redevelopment Initiative. 
Its purpose will be to aid in redeveloping “blighted, abandoned or disadvantaged properties,” according to the resolution passed by county commissioners Sept. 13. 
Not specified in the resolution, the area has been identified as a “blighted property” that is “highly visible to residents and visitors.”
The resolution continues that the private sector “has not combated the blight and spurred redevelopment.
The agreement details what the county and Dennis Township will do for that property.

Soar Church Approved as Emergency Shelter

The county and the Baptist Resource Network of Pennsylvania and South Jersey have agreed to allow the Soar Church, 1324 DeHirsch Avenue, Woodbine, to be used as a congregate emergency shelter in the event of disasters.
The memorandum of agreement ensures that the church will be used by the county only when there is a declared need.

Search and Rescue Coordinator Named

Capt. Matthew Johnson of the Wildwood Fire Department was appointed as the county’s Search and Rescue (SAR) coordinator. His term will continue from October 1, 2022, through September 30, 2025.
It will be his duty to maintain reports of SAR incidents in the county and file reports within 20 days of the suspension or conclusion of each SAR response.

Loper, Whelan Renamed to HSAC

County commissioners approved the reappointments of Christa Loper and Wayne Whelan as members of the county Human Services Advisory Council. Their terms continue from Oct. 1, 2022, through Dec. 31, 2025.

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