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Wednesday, July 24, 2024


Palombo Won’t Seek Reelection in Upper

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PETERSBURG – Upper Township Mayor Richard Palombo Feb. 17 announced he “will not seek reelection after this year,” in a letter posted to Upper Township’s Facebook page.
“It has been a great honor to have served eight consecutive terms on the Upper Township Committee,” stated Palombo. “Throughout these past 24 years of service, 22 years as mayor, I have been so reassured and encouraged by our residents and neighbors in Upper Township.
“We have grown a lot together: From our athletic fields and teams, our township offices, replenished beaches, multiple master plan revisions, upgraded the state of art in communications, security and community support services. We have accomplished so much.
“We have shared a number of community tragedies, from Sept. 11, Hurricane Sandy, a derecho, the tornado with Tropical Storm Isaias, Winter Storm Jonas, multiple nor’easters, and to date, the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite our challenges, the residents of Upper have shown their friendship, generosity and sense of community spirit.
“For me, it has been such a privilege to work with all of our township staff over the past 24 years. Your dedication to our residents truly is second to none. I could never have been so effective without your support.
“Now, my friends, it is time for me to pass the baton to a new leader for their vision and commitment to Upper Township. I will not seek reelection after this year. The timing just feels right, and I look forward to new adventures that lie ahead.
“I do plan to complete my current term, which ends Dec. 31, 2021, working with my fellow committee members for a smooth transition heading into 2022.
“Finally, I look forward to savoring more time with my family, especially with our five busy grandchildren. I hope to see all of you on the beach, at our parks and fields and our seasonal celebrations.”

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