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Saturday, June 15, 2024


New Ambulance Plan Allows 1 EMT

By Vince Conti

To access the Herald’s local coronavirus/COVID-19 coverage, click here.
AVALON – During an April 8 meeting, Avalon Business Administrator Scott Wahl briefed Borough Council on emergency plans for the Avalon Rescue Squad. These plans were developed in response to flexibility provided by the state, as part of the effort to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.
Under the emergency procedures, an ambulance could respond to a call with only one EMT instead of two, which is normally required by state regulation.  In that case, the ambulance’s driver would have to be certified in CPR, according to Wahl.
The emergency procedures were put in place only in the event that the COVID-19 outbreak impacts available trained staff. Wahl assured the council that the plan will never be put into practice unless it’s needed.

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