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Monday, May 20, 2024


Lower Plans Road Improvements

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By Rebecca Fox

VILLAS – Lower Township Council Sept. 8 shared an upcoming project regarding improvements to two major roadways in the area.
Deputy Mayor David Perry explained that a 2016 project he was working on is now “coming to fruition.”
“I tried to work with the county to get this thing, this project, underway years ago,” Perry said. “The engineer had retired, and a new engineer came, and things got pushed back, and then, they got underway, and they did their homework. It’s not just the repaving. They’re making a lot of safety improvements to Bayshore Road.”
The Board of County Commissioners was expected to award the contract for Bayshore Road, from Townbank Road to Charles Street, at its Sept. 14 meeting.
A pre-construction meeting was planned Sept. 16, where more details were to be laid out regarding the plan, construction schedule, and road closures, though it is believed there will be one lane open during most of the paving, according to Township Manager Michael Laffey. 
 Bayshore Road, to begin, will be milled and both shoulders will also be made to measure 7 feet wide for pedestrian and bicycle safety. A deteriorated 24-inch drainage pipe will also be replaced across the roadway. 
Along Breakwater Road, curbing and sidewalks will be replaced. Upgrades to safety and traffic devices will also be made.
“They’ll be replacing what they need to replace,” Perry said, adding that this is a 90-day project that is slated to start Sept. 20, with a completion date of Dec. 19.

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