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Monday, May 27, 2024


GOP’s Rosenello, Lockwood Endorse Thornton, Sheppard for Freeholders


By Herald Staff

COURT HOUSE — Freeholder Gerald M. Thornton and his running mate in the June 8 Republican primary, Susan Sheppard, on Monday, April 5, announced, in a release, the endorsement of their ticket by “two prominent young Republican elected officials, North Wildwood Council President Patrick Rosenello and Middle Township Committeeman Daniel Lockwood.”
“We are so proud to have these two young Republican leaders endorse our ticket,” Thornton stated.  “Patrick and Dan, along with my running mate Sue Sheppard, represent the future of the Republican Party in Cape May County.  Without young people willing to step forward with integrity and independence, our Party will not thrive and grow.”
“I am excited about the support being offered to our campaign by Patrick Rosenello and Dan Lockwood,”  stated Sheppard.  “Patrick and Dan understand that we need a new generation of leadership to begin to emerge in Cape May County.  We should not be afraid of having someone in their 40’s, or even younger, serving on the Freeholder Board.  Jerry Thornton and I are so thankful for the courage Patrick and Dan have shown in endorsing our ticket in the Republican primary.”
“This was not a difficult decision for me to endorse Jerry Thornton and Sue Sheppard,” stated Rosenello.  “The time has finally come for the Republicans of Cape May County to move on from the politics of limited self interest, and toward a commitment to fair and open selection of candidates.  It is also time to allow the next generation of leadership to advance.  Sue Sheppard represents not only all the women of Cape May County who are looking for a voice in government, but also all the young people who want to see a new vision for the future.  This is a great ticket that I am confident will win the June 8th Republican primary and lead us to victory in November.”
“When I decided to run in Middle Township two years ago,” stated Lockwood.  “Many people told me it was too soon and I should wait my turn.  This is not the time to wait.  Change is happening all around us.  This is the time for leadership and independence from the worn out ways of the past.  Jerry Thornton has always demonstrated integrity and independence as a Freeholder.  Sue Sheppard moves us forward by leaps and bounds by giving us the opportunity to have a woman and a member of a new generation on the Freeholder Board.  I intend to work very hard for Jerry and Sue in the coming weeks to ensure that the Republican Party in Cape May County capitalizes on this chance for a real revival.”

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