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Thursday, June 20, 2024


Crest Commissioners Green Light Smoking Ban on Beaches

Wildwood Crest Beach Headquarters - File Photo.jpg

By Press Release

WILDWOOD CREST – The Borough of Wildwood Crest Board of Commissioners has passed ordinances that ban smoking on the beach and impose some restrictions on recreational marijuana use.
According to a release, Wildwood Crest previously offered designated smoking areas on its beach. Those areas have now been eliminated, making the entire beach smoke-free.
In addition, borough commissioners have moved to prohibit anyone from using marijuana/cannabis products in public places, such as borough parks and recreational areas.
In a related measure, borough commissioners also passed an ordinance that prohibits the operation of all classes of cannabis establishments, cannabis distributors, and cannabis delivery services within borough limits.
The ordinances were approved after a second reading, at the May 12 meeting of the Board of Commissioners. They will become effective 20 days after advertisement as required by law, meaning these new measures will be in place beginning June 7.
For more information, contact the borough clerk’s office, at 609-729-8040.

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