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Sunday, July 21, 2024


Covid Vaccines’ Pre-registration Hotline to Go Live Jan. 25

Department of Health Encourages Residents to Make Vaccinations a Priority

By Press Release

RIO GRANDE – Effective Jan. 25, New Jersey will launch a call center to assist in the vaccine pre-registration for those who do not have access to the internet or unable to pre-register for the Covid vaccine online.  

According to a release, the number, 855-568-0545, will operate daily from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., according to the notice on the New Jersey Covid web page.  

“We encourage those who cannot access the internet to pre-register, especially the elderly and those with disabilities to call the State at the number provided and get assistance in pre-registering for the vaccine. It is imperative that everyone pre-registers for the state to determine eligibility and availability.  

“You will then be notified when you can make your vaccination appointment. Appointments are scheduled based on vaccine availability and we ask everyone to be patient, the vaccine is in limited supply. Cape May County has successfully administered all vaccines delivered and we are working to ensure everyone is vaccinated as quickly as possible,” reported County Commissioner Jeffrey L. Pierson, liaison to Health and Human Services. 

The Cape May County Health Department and Human Services Department urges residents to go online to pre-register, or call the state call Center directly to talk to an operator who can assist in the pre-registration process.  

Neither the Health Department nor Human Services can pre-register residents and can only pass on the number to call directly. Those who have internet access and can go online and pre-register are asked to do so through the link on the Cape May County website, 

“It is important that every resident have the capability to pre-register, and the call center will provide another option to meet the needs of most residents. Understandably, internet access is not an option for many, and calling directly to the state call center will save time and get everyone pre-registered for eligibility, and put them on the list to make an appointment when the vaccine is available. We don’t want to leave anyone out,” Pierson stressed. 

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