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County OKs Purchase of 150 Voting Machines; Del Haven Water Main Given Approval

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By Al Campbell

Board of County Commissioners… 

  • Agreed to buy 150 voting machines for $1.34 million from Election Systems and Software LLC of Omaha, Nebraska 

  • Approved P&A Construction Inc. to open Bayshore Road between Lower and Middle townships for a 12-inch pipe to provide water to Del Haven. 

  • Approved aerial spraying for mosquito control. 

  • Designated officers for the Construction Board of Appeal for the year. 

  • Awarded Coalition Against Rape and Abuse (C.A.R.A.) a contract to provide domestic violence shelter, counseling, and education for one year, with possible extensions. 

  • Awarded Gibson Associates P.A. contract to provide construction testing inspections for paving of county roads. 

  • Awarded Burns Construction Consulting contract to represent the county in constructing the Cape May City Library in the Historic Franklin Street School.  

CREST HAVEN – Cape May County’s 74,494 eligible voters (as of Oct. 12, 2021) will cast their ballots on 150 new voting machines since the Board of County Commissioners approved the $1.34 million purchase March 8. 

Election Systems and Software LLC of Omaha, Nebraska, will supply the machines. Company representatives demonstrated the devices at the board’s July 27, 2021, meeting. 

According to Acting Administrator Kevin Lare, the county will bear the total cost of the purchase.  

The machines will replace 215 aging (16-year-old) Dominion voting machines.  

Since school board elections occur during the November general election, few machines are needed. 

To comply with the 2021 early voting mandate, the county bought 30 voting machines from the same firm.  

The county also bought 282 poll books and two high-speed scanners for mail-in ballots. The state reimbursed about $1 million of that purchase. 


Del Haven Water Project 

Bayshore Road (C.R. 603), which links Lower and Middle townships, will have a 12-inch PVC water line placed to supply patrons in Del Haven from the Lower Township Municipal Utilities Authority. 

Commissioners approved two P&A Construction Inc. applications for the line that will run for about 100 feet northeast of Miami Avenue, in Villas, and extend just over 2 miles to Route 47 and from Bayshore Road’s intersection 2,500 feet to Delaware Avenue. 


OK Aerial Spraying 

The Department of Mosquito Control won permission to spray from the air by the board’s consent.  

The department uses an integrated pest management program, including water management, biological control, and chemicals. 

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rules require the board’s permission because the county is considered a “congested area,” according to the resolution.  


Construction Board of Appeals 

Three members of the Construction Board of Appeals will remain for this year. They are Cornelius Byrne Jr., chairperson, Michael Morano, vice-chairperson, and Christopher Penza, secretary.  

Penza was reappointed; his term ends Dec. 31, 2026. 


C.A.R.A. Gets Shelter Contract 

The Coalition Against Rape and Abuse (C.A.R.A.) was given a one-year $74,335 contract to provide domestic violence shelter, counseling, and education for victims. 

According to the resolution, the group was the sole bidder to provide the service. Included are four one-year options to renew the contract. 


Contracts Awarded 

Gibson Associates, P.A., of Ocean View, was awarded a contract not to exceed $135,250 to provide construction testing inspection services for the 2021 maintenance paving of county roads.  

Burns Construction Consulting LLC was deemed the “most qualified” of three bidders to provide Owner’s Representative Services for the Cape May City Library at the Historic Franklin Street School. The award, which began March 9, 2022, was “not to exceed” $599,790 and will continue until the project’s completion.

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