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Cape May Remains Unsure of Action on Misuse of COAH Funds

By Vince Conti

CAPE MAY – When Cape May’s new administration took over, in January, City Manager Michael Voll was confronted with his predecessor’s potential misuse of funds dedicated to affordable housing efforts. 
Previous City Manager Jerry Inderwies Jr. issued almost $100,000 worth of payments to himself and six other employees, as stipends supposedly for work done related to Council on Affordable Housing (COAH) issues.
Voll referred the issue to the state Department of Community Affairs (DCA). Months later, the DCA confirmed the authorization of the checks violated city regulations and the city’s Affordable Housing Spending Plan adopted in 2018 ( DCA did not offer the city any guidance on what to do about the improper practice.
Now, almost seven months after the new administration took office, the issue remains unresolved. With the DCA’s ruling in hand, the city sought the advice of the Cape May County Prosecutor’s Office on whether the issuance of the checks was a crime. Voll said the city is waiting to hear from the Prosecutor’s Office.

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