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Sunday, May 19, 2024


Board OKs Added Costs for Several Projects

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By Al Campbell

CREST HAVEN – A hearing was held Sept. 14 by the Board of County Commissioners to fix regulations for bidders seeking to work on the historic Franklin Street School, in Cape May, which will become Cape May’s branch of the County Library.
No public comment was made regarding the resolution  published in the Herald Aug. 18 and the Press of Atlantic City Aug. 11.
Architect Michael Calafati prepared the resolution that included a “Bidders’ Questionnaire Package.”
Child Advocacy Center
The county’s contract with Aliano Brothers General Contractors Inc., for $918,726, to build the Child Advocacy Center for the County Prosecutor’s Office was amended upward for $33,841.
That amount was for 34 additional trusses needed to eliminate roof sag and “decrease defection loading to high wind loads and revised utility location,” according to the resolution.
County Commons Change Order
The $14.9-million contract with Arthur J. Ogren Inc., at County Commons, in Rio Grande, got two change orders. 
The first was a credit of $2,895, while the next was for $798,116 for “demolition and new construction, fit-out improvements, storefronts, and overhead doors for multiple (commercial) tenants,” according to the resolution.
Thus, the net amount of the increase was $795,220. Funds will be paid from two bonds from 2019 and this year. 
Safari Cafe Additional Work
The $2-million contract with R. Wilkinson & Sons Construction to build the Safari Cafe, at the County Zoo, was increased by $32,085.
The cost resulted from added work “for custom fabrication for light fixtures, supply and install larger fryer system, add four surface-mounted hand dryers and install FRP walls,” according to the resolution.
Funds from a 2019 bond will pay for the work.
Fare-Free Bus Facility Grant
Commissioners approved an agreement with the Department of Transportation, Federal Transit Administration for $1.2 million, with a $1 million county matching fund for new bus facilities for the county Transportation Department, at the County Airport. 
The structure will replace “an outdated and deteriorating facility while combining services into one,” the resolution states.
Paving Projects Contract Award Contested
The board amended an earlier resolution (153-21) that awarded a $4.8-million contract to repave Pacific Avenue, in Wildwood Crest and Lower Township, to L. Feriozzi Concrete Co., of Atlantic City. At the time, the firm was deemed the lowest-responsible bidder.
That award was contested by the second-lowest bidder, South State Inc., which took Feriozzi to Superior Court. The court decided Feriozzi had not complied with the “Good Faith Effort” requirements required by the state Department of Transportation, “regarding Disadvantaged Business Enterprise outreach,” according to the resolution. 
The U.S. Department of Transportation website states, “The Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program aims to increase the participation of minority and women-owned businesses in state andlocal transportation projects.”
As a result of the court decision, commissioners awarded the contract to South State Inc, for $4.9 million. The extent of the work is from Rambler Road to Madison Avenue.
In Woodbine, the board awarded a $1.3-million contract to Asphalt Paving Systems Inc. to repave DeHirsch Avenue (CR 550) (Phase 2), from Madison to Washington avenues. Funding will be from a 2016 bond.
In Lower Township, a $2.2-million contract was awarded to Charles Marandino LLC to repave Bayshore Road (CR 603), from Charles Street to Townbank Road (CR 648). There were four bidders for the project. Funds will be paid from bonds in 2016 and 2018.
ED. NOTE: All figures in the above were rounded for reader ease. Actual figures vary.

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