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Friday, April 12, 2024


Avalon Awards Pinelands a 5-year Contract

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By From the Borough of Avalon

AVALON – The Avalon Borough Council unanimously agreed to award three separate contracts to Pinelands Recycling for the collection of solid waste, recycling, and bulk trash. 
The new five-year contracts begin on January 1, 2023 and will return the popular service of the return of trash and recycling cans to the side of properties following collection. These new contracts will be supported by Avalon’s new standardized trash can program that will begin in spring, 2023.
“The Borough went through a comprehensive review of its needs regarding trash and recycling collection and we are pleased to invite Pinelands Recycling to our community,” said Avalon Mayor Martin Pagliughi. “Pinelands has provided this service in our region for a quarter of a century and its leadership team knows Avalon and our needs. We look forward to a new partnership starting the first of the new year.”
Avalon went through a public bidding process for these three contracts after the current contractor expressed difficulties in performing the contract due to rapidly escalating fuel and labor costs. 
The Borough temporarily suspended side yard return of cans to help the contractor in exchange for an agreement to put the contracts out to bid before the end of the existing contract. 
Mayor Pagliughi and Council insisted on a mandatory bid option during the public bidding process that would return the side yard return service. 
Council approved the contracts with the bid options at the Wednesday, September 28th meeting.
“We look forward to servicing Avalon, a premiere beach community along the East Coast,” said Frank Edwardi, President of Pinelands Recycling. “Avalon is a proactive, customer service driven town with high expectations for privatized services. We look forward to exceeding those expectations for the next five years, and hopefully longer.”
Avalon previously announced that it intends to purchase new, uniform roll off solid waste and recycling carts for the community in 2023. These roll off carts will improve efficiency with trash collection while restricting trash from impacting the marine environment. 
Tipping fees will also be reduced as water weight in trash cans will be eliminated; the cans come with warranties that last a decade and are microchipped so they can be returned to the customer following a major storm event. 
Avalon intends to fund the purchase of these containers as a one-time expense in the 2023 municipal budget.

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