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Sunday, July 14, 2024


For the 16 Towns, a Recycling Rebate – 5.10.2006

By Rick Racela

SWAINTON – This is the time of year the county’s 16 mayors can expect a letter from the county MUA with either good news or bad news.
The bad news: Sorry no recycling rebate this year. That’s been the message for 12 of the last 17 years the county has had the program.
But this year it was good news as the MUA announced that, for the second consecutive year, it will be able to provide a rebate based on revenue of $3,572,877 exceeding the operating cost of $3,211,039.
The difference, $361,837, will be divided among the communities based on the number of tons they sent to recycling. The rebate is $12.67 per ton, and can be received by an actual check or a credit.
Lower Township edged usual leader Ocean City this year for the most tons, with 4,342.89 compared to 4,208.84. Lower will get a $55,012 rebate compared to Ocean City’s $53,311.
The MUA gives much credit for the rebates to efficient and economical operation of the Intermediate Processing Facility (IPF) by FCR Inc., which took over the facility in 2003.
The other major factor is the price paid for recyclables, which varies constantly.
The total tons recycled were only up by 568 tons to 28,565 compared to last year’s 27,997. That supports the conclusion that recycling has plateaued.  The MUA received 28,993 tons in 2000.
“It’s not enough,” said Recycling Coordinator Bridget O’Connor. “And the main reason it’s up is due to the fact that glass bottling companies used to take them back from bars and restaurants for refilling, but stopped doing that as of last summer. So we get more tons in commingled cans and bottles.”
Here are the tons each town sent to the IPF follow by its rebate:
Avalon, 1,494, $18,926; Cape May, 1,990, $25,208; Cape May Point, 113, $1,425; Dennis Township, 1,210, $15,333; Lower Township, 4,343, $55,012.
Middle Township, 3,720, $47,121; North Wildwood, 1,968, $24,929; Ocean City, 4,209, $53,311; Sea Isle City, 1,973, $24,993; Stone Harbor, 841, $10,647; Upper Township, 2,477, $31,372.
West Cape May, 190, $2,401; West Wildwood, 135, $1,712; Wildwood, 2,293, $29,048; Wildwood Crest, 1,276, $16,166; Woodbine, 334, $4,234.
Contact Zelnik at (609) 886-8600 Ext. 27 or:

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