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Blaze Caused by Fireworks Yields Roughly $5,000 in Damages to N. Wildwood Home

Fireworks ignited by a North Wildwood resident caused an accidental to their home's porch. The fire is said to have caused about $5

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NORTH WILDWOOD – At around 3 a.m. Jan. 1, a box alarm was dispatched for a reported structure fire at a residence. 
According to the North Wildwood Fire Department Facebook page, the owner was setting off fireworks, which caused a fire on the porch and spread up the wall. The owner called 911 when his smoke alarms detected the smoke from the fire. At that time, he utilized his fire extinguisher to exit the dwelling, which was his only way out. 
There were no reported injuries, and the fire caused approximately $5,000 in damages. Under the command of Acting Officer Thompson, crews stretched a line to quickly extinguish the fire and remained on scene for about an hour to cut open the deck to check for extension. The cause of the fire was determined as accidental.

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