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Wednesday, July 24, 2024


FCHS Announces New Programs

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By Press Release

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COURT HOUSE – Cape May County FCHS Health Educator/Assistant Professor Chris Zellers announced that Rutgers Cooperative Extension FCHS is providing state-wide outreach to consumers in Cape May County and throughout the state in new and creative ways, while also reminding the public of some of the great programs already offered by Rutgers Cooperative Extension.
Zellers said, “While we are at home during this time of crisis, it is critical we keep ourselves well. Cape May County residents can take advantage of any of the Family and Community Health Sciences programs.”
According to a release, three of these programs are: the WorkForce Wellness program, an evidence-based program employers utilize to benefit their employees with wellness tips and information, the second is a Wellness Newsletter that supports the WorkForce Wellness program, while employees are working from home with wellness information and the third is the Wellness Text program that offers text messages to encourage people to be healthy.
Zellers added, “The Wellness Text program is a free program, open to everyone, that offers tips and wellness information via text to participants on Wednesdays and Saturdays.”

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