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County to Conduct Mosquito Spraying July 29-31

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COURT HOUSE – Weather permitting, the Cape May County Department of Mosquito Control will be treating areas of Cape May County, as part of its effort to control adult mosquitoes.
According to a release, the department will use Aqua Reslin, trade name for permethrin, and/or Aqua Anvil / Anvil 10+10, trade names for sumithrin, and/or Duet / Aqua Duet, trade names for prallethrin and sumithrin, and/or Zenivex / Aqua Zenivex, trade names for etofenprox, applied as ultra-low volume aerosols.
Spraying by truck may take place July 29 and/or July 30, between 8 p.m. and midnight. Portions of the following municipalities that may be sprayed include:

  • Goshen, Dias Creek, Green Creek, Del Haven, Cape May Court House, Burleigh, Whitesboro & Rio Grande in Middle Township.
  • Villas, Fishing Creek, North Cape May, Town Bank, Erma and Cold Spring, in Lower Township.

Also, spraying by truck may take place July 30 and/or July 31, between 2-7 a.m. Portions of the following municipalities that may be sprayed include:

  • Cape May
  • West Cape May.

Those with questions can call (609) 465-9038, between the hours of 7 a.m. and 3 p.m.

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