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Saturday, July 20, 2024


Dennis News Notes

By Rick Racela

For a couple of years I’ve been returning my Acme shopping cart to the cart corral in the parking lot with the promise, according to the sign in the corral, that this action will help to keep prices down.
After all those years of faithful cart returning, why am I paying around $16 for a 12 pack of my favorite beverage?
My cart returning days are coming to a screeching halt.
There are more than enough things for your kid to do this summer at the recreation center.
However, if basketball and soccer isn’t your kid’s thing, you’re in luck.
The Creative Arts Camp is back for the summer of 2006. The camp runs the weeks of July 17 and 24 for boys and girls ages four to 12.
Call 408-9361 or 675-0298 and get your budding Picasso involved in this camp.
Painting, illustrations, sculpture and fabric art are just a small part of the projects in which your kid will be involved.
Speaking of stuff to do at the recreation center, don’t miss fall soccer registration – that’s right I said fall soccer.
Dates for registration are June 22, July 11 and the last day is July 27.
Remember, when the recreation center says it’s the last day – it’s the last day. All recreation sport sponsored uniforms must be turned in before you can register.
The good news is you can download the registration form at
The deadline is still enforced so keep your eye on the calendar.
The fifth grade had the opportunity to visit the Sam Azeez Museum of Woodbine Heritage last week.
While there the group was treated to a “living history” presentation from Rose Zelkovitz, a holocaust survivor who brings her story to students of all ages.
The message she shares with students revolves around tolerance and what can happen when people hate each other.
Speaking in soft, hushed tones, Mrs. Zelkovitz captivated the audience with her stories of hardship and challenge.
If you have the opportunity to visit the museum on Washington Avenue, be sure to stop upstairs and see the synagogue. This historic house of worship was the perfect venue for the holocaust presentation.
Visit them on the web at
While we’re talking about great stuff the kids at school are doing, how about this: Mrs. Stein’s second grade class has participated again in the Ecological Research and Development Group’s project involving the horseshoe crab.
Stein’s students were encouraged to participate in the Poems, Tales, and Images contest. The contest gives students the chance to share, through artwork or poetry, what they have learned about this unique creature.
This year’s winners are Blake Brown, Jake Dolack, Bailey Carney, Julianna Garcia and Madelyn Lynch.
These kids are in good company with past winners, including, Rochelle Izzi, Brielle Barbagallo and Jacob Van Osten.
This annual event captures the attention of these second grade students in a format that helps them appreciate the horseshoe crab for years to come.
Come on – what’s not to appreciate?
Reason number 732 why you’ll rarely find me in the Delaware Bay during the spring season.
These fabulous creatures have survived for 250 million years, and it’s all thanks to their good looks.
It’s tough to be eaten by an enemy when you’re sporting that hard shell.
Congratulations to this year’s contest winners.
Call Roe at the senior center at 861-3137 and get the low down on upcoming events and trips.
You know the seniors are on the move somewhere.
Until next week, make plans to catch a Surf Game at the Sandcastle, and check for standing water, remember the mosquitoes love laying their eggs there.
Call me with your stuff.
Any graduation awards you want to tell me about?
Are you growing any unusual vegetables?
Give me a call.

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