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Sunday, June 16, 2024


Dennis 2/8/2006

By Rick Racela

Canadian penny you got as change somewhere last summer.
My car keys, Acme card, debit card and Pier One credit card, all the essentials, are buried at the bottom of my purse, which is the size of a Girl Scout cookie box.
Can you guess which fundraiser I just supported?
Stop in the main office at school and take a look at the Dennis Township School District’s 2004-2005 New Jersey School Report Card.
There’s a whole lot of statistics set up in a spreadsheet format you can peruse.
Riveting reading material.
Bring your reading glasses, some caffeine and check out data on faculty credentials and student standardized test proficiency percentages.
Rush right over and check it out.
Roll up your sleeve and pump up your veins – it’s the Red Cross Blood drive at the Primary School on Friday, Feb. 24 from 1 to 7 p.m.
Schedule your appointment with Mrs. Kerr at 861-2821, ext. 500.
As many of you may be aware, one of our very own third grade students is successfully battling leukemia, thanks to multiple blood transfusions.
This student and her family have been an inspiration to all of us in the community.
This is a good opportunity to acknowledge the important role the Red Cross plays in lives of people everyday.
Count Dracula knows how important blood donations are. Join the fun, enjoy some free juice and a cookie.
Make an appointment today.
  Whether you’re a Yankee fan, a Mets fan or just enjoy the big city, don’t miss the Board of Ed sponsored bus trip to the Big Apple.
The bus departs from the Primary School on Saturday, March 18 at 9 a.m. sharp.
Once you get to New York, you’re on your own.
Broadway, Times Square, MTV studios, anything you want.
Customize your trip to your liking and you’ve got a designated driver for the ride home.                                                 
The Church of the Resurrection in Marmora is traveling to the Tropicana on Wednesday, Feb. 15.
Call Joe at 624-1110 for all the details.
You’re going to see Ice Fusions. Count on a great time
Congrats to Jarrett Porter seventh grader in the middle school for his spot in the South Jersey Jr. High Band.
Jarrett’s the first kid to score a position in the All South Jersey Jr. High Chorus and Band.
The kid can play a mean baritone sax.
February has many distinctions: Groundhog Day, Black History Month and now the Humane Society has named it Unchain a Dog Month.
Foxtrot over to the senior center and learn some ballroom dancing.
Call Roe at 861-3137. Class size is limited, so don’t delay.
Dust off the gown, heels and tux. It’s time to tango.
I was stuck in traffic at the construction site the other day and I had a great opportunity to check out the marsh.
That is one awesome view.
Okay that’s my last nice comment about the war/work zone at 83 and 47.
Call me with your stuff.

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