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Monday, May 27, 2024


Indictments Filed Jan. 10

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By Vince Conti

Readers are reminded that not only are all individuals listed below presumed innocent unless proven guilty, but there may also be multiple individuals who share the same name, even in the same town. 
COURT HOUSE – A Cape May County grand jury handed up 16 indictments Jan. 10.  
The abbreviation CDS below stands for controlled dangerous substance. 
A “certain person” charge can be brought against individuals whose previous convictions bar them from having weapons.  
Malik S. Brogden was indicted on two counts of first-degree attempted murder, along with two counts of second-degree unlawful possession of a weapon, a 9mm handgun. Brogden is lodged at the Cape May County Correctional Facility.
John V. Doughten faces four fourth-degree counts of unlawful possession of a weapon. The weapons were a machete, a samurai sword, a knife, and a blackjack. Possession of the blackjack also led to a fourth-degree count for prohibited weapon. Doughten also faces a count for impersonating a law enforcement officer, fourth degree. A 1980 conviction for aggravated assault in Pennsylvania led to another fourth-degree count for certain person based on the possession of the machete.
Skye C. Giesecke was named in a single count for fourth-degree contempt of a pretrial release order. Giesecke is now lodged at the Cape May County Correctional Facility.
Robert T. Wilson, Robert F. Stanley and Skyler C. Smith were named in a five-count indictment. Stanley and Smith face two third-degree counts for shoplifting and conspiracy. Stanley alone is also charged with resisting arrest in the fourth degree and possession of a CDS, fentanyl, in the third degree. Wilson was named on one count of third-degree possession of a CDS, fentanyl.
Robert Hudicek was indicted on two third-degree counts for shoplifting and conspiracy with an unindicted co-defendant.
Jamie Hall, Hilary Young, Lacey D. Hamilton, and Yovannie J. Radford were separately indicted for shoplifting. Hall and Young face third-degree counts. Hamilton and Radford face fourth-degree counts.
Jessica A. Hamilton was named in a two-count indictment for fourth degree theft of a credit card and third-degree fraudulent use of a credit card.
Andrea G. Gill was indicted on a single count of theft by deception in the third degree. The charges stem from an October incident in Avalon.
Ruben D. Soto and Clarence A. Pike were separately and independently indicted for third-degree escape. Both men removed themselves from official detention in Middle Township during the month of October.
Johnelle S. Duncan was indicted on two counts of fourth-degree aggravated assault and one count of third-degree resisting arrest.
Marco H. LaRocca faces a second-degree count for robbery, along with two third-degree counts for aggravated assault.
Joseph M. Vannauker and Matthew M. Goldstein were jointly indicted for second-degree false public alarm, conspiracy, and terroristic threats.

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