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Thursday, July 25, 2024


Cape May Section 8 May Move to State Agency

By Jack Fichter

Section 8 issues vouchers allowing very low-income persons or families to rent affordable, privately owned housing. It pays the difference between what low-income persons can afford and the fair market value of the rent. Mayor Jerome E. Inderwies said he was concerned a considerable number of residents of Victorian Towers are Section 8 clients who now can walk across the street to city hall to the Section 8 office. “We have something here that has a little bit of a personal aspect,” he said. City Manager Luciano V. Corea Jr. said current Section 8 clients have no need to visit an office unless their financial situation changes. Jim Wolf, a city employe who formerly administered Section 8, said approximately 67 persons in the city use Section 8 vouchers. Corea said if the part time city employe currently operating the program resigns, the city would be hard pressed to replace her. He said Section 8 would continue here through this year even if the transfer were approved. See next week’s Herald for full story.

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