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Sunday, May 19, 2024


Black tie OK, but tails unnecessary

By Jim Vanore

You are encouraged to wear a black tie Thursday, March 12, from 7-10 p.m. when you join the crowd at Fitz-patrick’s Crest Tavern, 9600 Pacific Ave., Wildwood Crest.
“We’re asking everyone to wear a black tie with a shirt from their favorite sports team,” said Lisa Fitzpatrick, owner of Crest Tavern.
The event is billed as the First Black Tie Sports Night, and the festivities are a bit more involved than just sports in general. Proceeds will benefit two local charities: The Andrew Alameno Scholarship Fund, and the Craig Lozier Me-morial Fund.
It all begins at 6:30 p.m. when the National Anthem opens the ceremonies at the Andrew Alameno Memorial on Sunset Lake.
“Everybody will get a glowstick,” Fitzpatrick said, “then we’ll take a powerwalk to the Crest Tavern, about 15 blocks away.”
And that’s when the affair really gets into full swing.
A $25 donation at the door (tickets are on sale now at Crest Tavern) entitles you to the all-sports buffet, consisting of selections of different “stadium foods,” such as you would find at a ballgame. Ticketholders will also get an all-sports T-shirt.
“The Phillie Phanatic make an appearance from 7-8 p.m.,” Fitzpatrick noted, “and we play all-sports quizzo from 8-9 p.m.”
There will be prizes awarded throughout the evening, according to Fitzpatrick, including tickets to Phillies, Flyers, and Sixers games, plus other sports items.
Any business interested in sponsoring a gift ($25) will have their name affixed to a prize, such as a basketball or football. Call Lisa at 609-522-1200.
There will also be a big raffle. A $5 raffle ticket gives you a chance to win two tickets for a bus trip to the Phillies-Dodger game May 14. You don’t have to wait for March 12 to buy your raffle ticket; they’re on sale now at Crest Tav-ern.
Even if you can’t attend the Black Tie Sports Night, you can still donate to these memorial funds.
“This is an idea we came up with — the tavern employees and I — to do something different and honor these two local boys who were taken from us so tragically. And what better way to spend a family night out in the winter!”
So if you’re a sports fan, or even if you’re not, but would enjoy a wholesome evening’s entertainment (who doesn’t like the Phillie Phanatic!), and all in support of a good cause, put on your best team T-shirt, your black tie, and get down to the Crest Tavern for what could be the inaugural of a future Wildwood Crest tradition — Black Tie Sports Night.

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