Sunday, October 1, 2023

Man Sleeping On Sailboat Washes Up in Avalon

A sailboat washed up on the beaches of Avalon April 14

By Shay Roddy

AVALON – A sailboat washed up on the beaches of Avalon April 14, after the boat’s owner had anchored and was sleeping on board overnight, according to Jack Moran, the owner of Sea Tow Cape May, the company hired to remove the vessel from the beach.  
Moran said the anchor lost ground and the sailboat, a Pearson 35, drifted onto the beach. The Coast Guard was notified, but the owner walked off the boat and onto the beach on his own before they arrived, according to Moran. The owner was in the midst of a trip on the boat, which was registered in New Jersey.
Moran said Sea Tow would tow the boat up the beach and that it would not be salvaged.

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