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Sunday, May 19, 2024


Mediation Stalls as Avalon Lifeguard Lieutenants Seek Pensions

Shown is a row of Beach Patrol boats on an Avalon beach in June 2023.

By Vince Conti

AVALON – Pensions for lifeguards has been a controversial topic in shore communities for several years. By law, cities along the New Jersey Atlantic shoreline must offer lifeguard pensions. The regulation does not apply to other forms of government, like the many boroughs that dot the coast islands in Cape May County.

The aim of the statute was to encourage lifeguards to return each summer season, but few of those individuals, even if they remained loyal to the position for a period, ever reached the 20 years of service required to receive any of the pension they paid into. The requirement is 20 years of service and reaching 45 years of age.

In a number of cases, the pension plans are offered as required but underfunded. A recent report by the New Jersey State Comptroller found Brigantine’s lifeguard pension plan underfunded by $4.5 million.

A group of union lifeguard lieutenants are pushing for pensions in Avalon. Avalon is a borough. As such, state law does not require the municipality to offer the pensions. The issue has gone to mediation.

At an Aug. 23 meeting of the Avalon Council, the status of the negotiations was raised during public comment. The borough gave a status of the mediation process, which is currently stalled. According to the borough, the appointed mediator halted the process temporarily and has not yet reinitiated it.

Borough Solicitor Nicole Curio said the last negotiation meeting was held June 30, adding that both the borough and the union are waiting to hear back from the mediator.

“It is not the borough refusing to negotiate,” she said. “The process is stalled for reasons unknown at this time.”

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Vince Conti is a reporter for the Cape May County Herald.

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