Saturday, December 2, 2023

Lower Township Chamber of Commerce Welcomes Its New Officers

Photo Credit: Jerry Fitzpatrick
The Lower Township Chamber of Commerce installed new officers at the chamber’s annual awards dinner at the Shore Club in Cape May Court House on Thursday, Oct. 12. Officers include, from left, First Vice President Jim Kelly, Secretary Stephanie Devlin, Director Jodi Corbett, President Susan Cubberly, Director Gregg Rudinski, Second Vice President Christa Linnington, Director Rob Gleason and Director Allison Kruse. Officers not pictured include Treasurer Gregory Guyon, Director Wendy Collins, Director Kimberly Cresse, Director Marcia McCulley and immediate past President Barbara J. Frame.

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Wildwood – Well Santos is gone now what about Ohmar,Talib and Schiff when will they be removed. Also what about Bob Menendez in the senate when will the democrats remove that criminal ?

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Avalon – North Carolina becomes the 40th State to adopt Obama Care. Republicans again pummeled by Obama. Repealing every last letter of the affordable care act is the Republicans first priority. Nice Job.

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Green Creek – I'm 26 years old and have a young family. My wife and I both work. We barely make ends meet between rent, food, car Insurance and LUCKY my wife has health Insurance. I'll get to the point…

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