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Monday, May 20, 2024


Lady Hawks Seek to be Atop CAL Next Season

A young Lady Hawks team poses for a team photo in the Cape May Tech gym. Head coach Amber Waddington is thrilled with how her young players improved this year.

By Josh Lashley

A team’s record can be deceiving in the sports world.
For example, Cape May County Technical High School’s girls basketball team didn’t finish their season with a glossy record this season, but they fought hard every time they stepped onto the court.
They finished with seven well-earned victories, which proved their dedication and bodes well for their future. They had four wins in the Cape Atlantic League (CAL) United Division.
“I would have to say our game at Lower Cape May [stands out as most memorable],’’ head coach Amber Waddington said. “We seem to always have a great rivalry game with each other. We played well, moved the ball well, ran the plays with precise execution, and found the open girl that often had me asking, ‘how did she see that?’
“It’s in games like that when the unselfish teamwork really allows for you to see our growth that I couldn’t be more proud of. Other games we played some great basketball in would have to be home against Bridgeton and then Buena, for Senior Night. Those were games we started off behind at the half and had some explosive third and fourth quarters to tighten things up and make it anyone’s game in the final minute of play.’’
Several players on the roster made noticeable improvements as the season progressed.
“We are so young, and aside from Emily Pasceri, who has had a few years of varsity time, my other kids are either first-year varsity, as a senior and/or all freshmen, sophomores and a lone junior,” Waddington said. “We had our growing pains this season, often due to our youth as a program, but we also had some great moments. It truly puts the program in a great position for the next year or two, as these young girls will continue to grow and add those years of experience under their belts.
“I can vividly sit here and replay games and situations over in my head and honestly look at each kid and know they all improved from the first practice to the last game. I had freshmen who earned some good playing time and produced in moments I needed them to. I had sophomores who often completed three of my five starting positions every game, and in their two years of high school, already have 50 games played.
“I also have three seniors who all varied in experience, but one thing we came into the season with and walked off the court with was our sense of family. It’s always a ‘we over me’ mentality.’’
There are several reasons for the Hawks to be excited about the 2020-2021 season.
“Our teams’ youth, yet good experience level, give reason for optimism for next season,’’ Waddington said. “We will have a strong nucleus of sophomores and juniors next year, and one senior. Plus, in the realignment of the CAL, I am looking forward to being in a more competitive division for our program.’’

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