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Wednesday, April 17, 2024


The Christmas Dream

By Tammy Decker

As you are small the excitement is near 

Getting all ready for Christmas cheers 

Going out to pick the Christmas tree 

The joys and laughters with family 

Drinking hot cocoa with marshmallows on top 

Burning our lips as we slowly sip our cups 

Christmas lights all hanging up in all 

The stores to see 

Oh! What joys this can be 

The feelings of butterflies in your stomach are 


The night before Christmas we all wrote 

Our notes with a seal 

To Santa Claus and all our hopes 

The smell of hot cookies baking in the air 

Oh! What excitement that Christmas will soon 

Be here 

As we all decorated the tree with care 

Playing Christmas music that would fill the air 

As we were all in our PJs, ready for bed 

Said our prayers as we all bowed our heads 

Getting under the warmth of covers at night 

Discovered that our heads wouldn’t  

shut down. No matter how hard we tried  

as Mom came in sad with a frown 

I think I hear Santa’s reindeer on the roof 

Scraping their feet loud with their hoofs 

Oh, what worries that Santa would  

Leave in a puff 

Closing our eyes as tight as we can 

Dreaming of bells outside so clear 

For sure we can see a red suit near 

The minds of children and all their dreams 

Are treasures of Christmas and all the family themes 

It started when Jesus was born on this Earth 

The first of many to disperse 

The celebration of our savior for all to remember 

Christmas is celebrated in December 

wonderful time to gather with family and friends 

Let’s not forget how it all began  

Decker writes from Erma. 

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