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What’s Cooking 6.7.2006

By Rick Racela

June 12: Chicken Marsala, roasted potato wedges, mixed vegetables, salad, sliced peaches, chicken vegetable soup.
June 13: Beef stroganoff, buttered noodles, wax beans, carrot salad, coconut custard pie.
June 14: Hamburger, baked beans, cole slaw, apple.
June 15: Italian lasagna, fried eggplant, cucumber salad, fruited jello.
June 16: Fried cod wedges, au gratin potato, peas, salad, ambrosia, beef rice soup.
June 12: Corned beef and Swiss on rye bread, cole slaw, fruit cocktail; orange juice.
June 13: Tuna salad on roll, macaroni salad, pineapple chunks, grape juice.
June 14: Turkey and cheese on wheat bread, potato salad, golden cake, apple juice.
June 15: Egg salad on white, salad, mandarin oranges, vegetable juice.
June 16: Cottage cheese on lettuce, fruit, roll, cookies, cranberry juice.     

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West Chester – Good job Stone Harbor on your beach replenishment project which only lasted six weeks! You sure love wasting money so mother nature can destroy it!

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