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How to Choose a Skilled Nursing Facility

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In all the important aspects of our lives and our families’ lives, the best way to make an informed decision is to educate ourselves. Choosing a skilled nursing facility (SNF) is no different.
Tour the facility or facilities that you are interested in, as the best way to find out about a facility, is to tour it in person. This should be done in advance and prior to the need for a patient to come to the facility. This is important because if a patient needs to go to a SNF, that choice may have to be made quickly, and usually within a couple of hours.
Speak to the professionals at the facility (i.e. Administrator, Director of Nursing, and Director of Rehab) about the clinical and rehabilitative needs of your family member.
Find out about the various units that a facility has to offer (i.e. Secured Dementia Unit, Short Term unit, Specialized Clinical Programs). The specific clinical needs of a patient are much more important that the location of the facility in most cases. The social and dietary needs of the patient should also be discussed prior to a patient coming in.
Discuss financials with the Admissions Department or the External Liaison about all of the financial implications and processes in order to protect the patient’s assets and/or estate. This is important when a long term stay is needed.
There are many ways to research a facility in today’s world. Regardless of whether a website is “pretty” or the number of “Likes” on a Facebook page, or what you have “Heard” (good or bad), the actions listed above should be more of a priority when choosing a Skilled Nursing Facility.
The right choice for Subacute Rehab & Skilled Nursing Care. At Autumn Lake Healthcare at Oceanview, we focus on providing excellence in clinical care and comfort, minimizing our patients’ length of stay and promoting a quick and safe return home.
Therapy 6 Days a Week with State-of-the-Art Rehab Equipment WITH NEWLY RENOVATED PHYSICAL THERAPY ROOM AND EQUIPMENT
Wound Care
Secure Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care Unit
Short & Long Term Care 
Award winning Pulmonary Program
Palliative/Hospice Care
Respite/Vacation Stay
Rounding Physiatrist 
Exclusive Assisted Living unit attached to main building
Featuring a dedicated Subacute Unit with Private and Semi-Private Rooms
Autumn Lake Healthcare is located in Oceanview at 2721 Route 9, Ocean View, NJ. For more information, please call 609-624-3881 or visit online at

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