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Saturday, May 18, 2024


Chiropractors Give Snow Shoveling Tips


By Herald Staff

BRANCHBURG – According to a Feb. 9 release, with another major snowstorm about to hit New Jersey, the Association of NJ Chiropractors (ANJC) is issuing a Snow Health Alert, to ensure that individuals properly prepare themselves to prevent injury from shoveling out from another storm.
There are some things residents can do immediately before picking up that shovel in order to avoid injury, which may include strains, sprains, muscle spasms and other health problems, warns the ANJC.
“Without question, repetitive bending and twisting when tossing shovels of heavy snow can cause injury to low back discs and other supporting structures that support spine,” according to ANJC Executive Director, Dr. Sig Miller.
ANJC suggests these tips if you’re planning to shovel snow over the next few days and remainder of winter:
* Be prepared. Maintain your exercise program year-round.
* Listen to weather forecasts so you can rise early and have time to shovel before work; rushing the job can lead to injury.
* Wear layers of clothing to keep your muscles warm and flexible.
* Do some stretching before you grab the shovel.
* For big jobs use a motorized snow blower. If you shovel by hand, use a lightweight,
* Ergonomically-designed shovel to reduce back strain.
* When you do shovel, push the snow straight ahead. Don’t try to throw it; walk it to the snow
* bank. Avoid sudden twisting and turning motions.
* Bend your knees, to lift when shoveling. Let the muscles of your legs and arms do the work,
not your back.
* Take frequent rest breaks to take the strain off your muscles. A fatigued body asks for injury.
* Stop if you feel chest pain, or get excessively tired or have shortness of breath. You may
require immediate professional care.
* If you feel sore after shoveling, apply an ice bag to the affected area for 20 minutes, then take it off for a couple of hours. Repeat a couple of times each day over the next day or two.
If you continue to feel soreness, pain or strain after following these tips, it may be time to visit a
chiropractor. For more information on chiropractic care, or for a list of doctors of chiropractic
near you visit ANJC’s public information website at
About the Association of New Jersey Chiropractors
ANJC is one of the largest associations of chiropractors in the nation, with 1600 members, statewide. ANJC’s mission is to educate its members on the latest technology and advancements in the profession and to become a trusted, relied upon information resource to the public regarding the benefits of chiropractic care. For more information, please visit ANJC’s public information website at or call (908) 722–5678.

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