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Dancers Two Team Performs at Disney World


By Press Release

ORLANDO, FLA. — Under the direction of Nancy Gibson, 29 Dancers Two students, along with their families, traveled to Disney World recently to participate in Disney’s Magic Music Days Program.
The Team dancers performed on the Waterside Stage in Downtown Disney in front of an enormous crowd despite steamy high temperatures.
In addition to their performance, the dancers attended a dance workshop with professional Disney choreographers and even were surprised with an appearance by Goofy.
Those who traveled with the team were: Cassidy Hendee, Mia Watts, Katie Campbell, Ivy Bolle, Joelle Osborne, Maribeth Novsak, Samantha Downes, Karlee Metz, Bailey Mericle, Camryn Simmerman, Kiley Johnson, Carly Ridgeway, Sophia Ellis, Kelsey Osborne, Kaitlin Bailey, Elena Garrison, Madeline Ellis, Jennifer McCann, Lauren Novsak, Jessica Poindexter, Danielle McCann, Rachel Miner, 5th Row, Alyssa Shipley, Olivia Hall-Conley, Nicole Reeves, Morgan Phillips, Annamarie McKee, Taylor Cawley, Cristina Mucchetti

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