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Former Middle Mayor Tim Donohue Joins Prime Marketing as Managing Partner

Former Middle Mayor Tim Donohue Joins Prime Marketing as Managing Partner

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Agency Expands into Public Information Services and Political Campaign Marketing

Former Middle Township Mayor Tim Donohue has joined Prime Marketing NJ as a Managing Partner/Senior Editor, effective February 1, 2024. Donohue served on Middle Township Committee for twelve years (seven years as Mayor) and has been a trailblazing leader in driving timely and positive public information in Middle Township and Cape May County. Donohue has served in government positions at the local, county and state level, including as Deputy Chief of Staff for the First Legislative District in 2020 – 2021.

Donohue has led over a dozen successful political campaigns at both the local and county level. In 2019, he had a role as a paid consultant in the historic NJ First Legislative District victory of The Testa Team. Senator Michael Testa and Assemblymen Antwan McClellan and Erik Simonsen flipped the District to Republican and have since been twice reelected with Donohue’s support.

Donohue also served as the Vice Chair and Communications Director for the Cape May County Republican Party from 2015 to 2019.

“Prime Marketing NJ is honored to welcome Mayor Donohue to our dynamic marketing team,” Chief Executive, Rachell Diaz said. “Tim and I have collaborated creatively on many successful marketing campaigns in both the public and private sector over the past ten years. His polished and proactive approach to sharing important information during the darkest days of COVID-19 made him the “go to” source for many Cape May County residents. We look forward to Tim’s trusted voice driving our efforts to expand our services in the public and political communications sector.”

Donohue will assume the role of Senior Editor and Public Information Manager for the company. Prime Marketing will now offer affordable and comprehensive Public Information, Digital Marketing and Event Planning Services for local and county government entities.

On the political front, Donohue will take the lead in bringing Prime’s marketing and planning expertise to local political candidates and campaigns. Services will

include campaign strategy development, press releases, fundraising strategies and marketing and advertising budgeting and implementation.

“Rachell Diaz and I have worked together on multiple successful campaigns and fundraisers,” Donohue said. “Our skills are very complementary, and I’m excited by the opportunity to work with her outstanding team to bring a uniquely creative suite of communication services, across multiple platforms, to both the public and political marketplace in South Jersey.”

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