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Sunday, May 19, 2024


‘Wildwoods to Wildlife’ Bike and Hikes Extended

bike and hike

By Press Release

CAPE MAY — Bike-riding is one of the healthiest, most popular and fun activities for families at the Shore in the summer! Taking a walk in a beautiful, undeveloped natural coastal setting is also on many families’ activity lists. Here’s a chance to do both, and get a free reflective backpack (while supplies last) as well!
On every Sun. this Aug. and Sept., Friends of Cape May National Wildlife Refuge, through a grant from the National Environmental Education Foundation, will sponsor an exciting, fun opportunity, the “Wildwoods to Wildlife Bike and Hike!”
The rules are simple: On any Sunday in August or September, from 9 am until 3 pm, you and your family are encouraged to ride your bikes on the newly-expanded Wildwoods Bike Trail to the Two Mile Beach Unit of Cape May National Wildlife Refuge (see the map below). Access to the Refuge by bike has never been easier since the installation of a new bike-friendly entrance at the end of Seaview Ave. The Two Mile Beach Refuge is a beautiful, natural area, with several trails and easy access to the beach, dunes, dune forest, and salt marsh. If you’ve never been here before, you will be amazed at the contrast between the natural, peaceful beauty of the Refuge and the fast-paced atmosphere of the Wildwood resort areas and boardwalks. You will discover first-hand how many animals, birds, native plants and a diversity of sea and shore creatures can survive only in this “wild” Wildwood, and how the Refuge enhances the entire community through its stewardship efforts. You will get to see an undeveloped barrier island basically the way it looked a hundred years ago!
Once you have arrived at the Refuge, follow the signs along the driveway to the Visitor Contact Station, and sign-in with one of our friendly, knowledgeable Volunteers. You will receive a trail map and directions. You’ll get to choose any one of three short and easy trails to hike. None of the trails will be longer than a half-mile; some are as short as a tenth of a mile, so there are choices for all ages and abilities. Two of the trails are also wheelchair accessible.
Once you choose your trail, you will need to answer a few easy questions about some of the birds, animals, plants or coastal features that you will see along the trail. Answers to these questions can easily be found on the map, or on the many interpretive signs along the trails. We will also have volunteers along some of the trails to help you with your questions.
When you’ve finished your walk, bring your completed form back to the Visitor Center and receive a free reflective string backpack with our awesome “Wildwoods to Wildlife” logo, perfect for storing all your gear for the ride home! (One per family, while supplies last!)
Come “Bike and Hike” with us this summer, and learn more about the Cape May National Wildlife Refuge! Visit our website at, or email us at

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