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Saturday, June 15, 2024


Meet the Broker: Micah Yerk with deSatnick’s

Micah Yerk

By Herald Staff

Micah, Broker Manager of the Lower Township office, is a Cape May local, born and raised, and along with his family they are a committed fixture in this wonderful community. Growing up as the middle child in a large family (he has six siblings), Micah began sharpening his skills as a diplomatic and levelheaded problem solver at an early age. 
His parents served the community for decades as teachers, mentors, school board members, and in countless volunteer positions, which gave Micah strongly value community involvement and leadership. He met his beautiful wife, Bryce, working together in a beloved Cape May restaurant…a fitting start for what would lead to a career helping serve others to realize their goals. He now enjoys watching his children, Clara and Kai, grow up in a community he has been endeared with since birth.    
Micah has a decade of experience in Real Estate, from managing commercial entities in Cape May, representing his own clients on hundreds of purchases and sales, to overseeing thousands of transactions as the Broker-Manager of a boutique real estate company in Cape May. In 2020 Micah joined the Cape May County Association of Realtors Government Affairs committee to work with his fellow realtors in building stronger relationships with the communities they serve.
That same year, Micah made a huge career move by joining the fastest growing real estate company in the Cape May area – DeSatnick Real Estate. Now combining his years of experience with the cutting-edge philosophies of DeSatnick and their energetic team, he is positioned to serve his valued clients better than ever. Micah also takes his duty to you as a confidant seriously – your trust in him as an adviser is a responsibility that weighs greatly on all the advice he gives in helping you realize your goals. Please explore the reviews from his past clients to convey that if you hire Micah then you are getting the services of a professional with experience, character, a likable personality, and superior skills to help you navigate a successful real estate transaction.
    Q: How did you get involved in the Real Estate industry?
A: I was recruited into it back in the early 2010s when the market wasn’t behaving as strongly as it is now.  It was an exciting time to get started in the industry – the internet was still an evolving force in real estate, Facebook was coming into its own as a marketing engine, and there was a lot of changeover with market dynamics and financing practices.  It  was an excellent time to learn the business, attain expertise from seasoned agents, but at the same time it was a great opportunity to trail blaze new strategies. 
    Q: What qualities should buyers look for in a Real Estate agent?
A: Now more than ever buyers need to make sure they are working with an agent who has experience and energy.  The experience is obviously essential – trusting a Realtor who advises honestly by spelling out what is needed, when to have it, and the blunt truth about how a situation may unfold will set realistic expectations and have you well positioned when it’s time to make moves.  Having tested strategies that will help a buyer be successful and knowing the likely outcome of implementing those strategies will give a buyer the best chance of meeting their goals. 
And when available homes are lacking and the market is extremely competitive – well that’s where the energy comes in.  A buyer needs an agent who understands that it may take multiple shot before hitting the target, and is OK with that.  When an agent is genuinely committed to helping their client buy  a home, it shows.   
    Q: How would you characterize the local market right now?
A: It’s completely imbalanced, which can manifest many issues not just for the “market”, but more significantly, the community.  Lacking inventory is a major issue mostly everyone is aware of at this point.  In addition, there are a lot of people looking for homes.  The simple equation of supply and demand is in full effect right now.  I prefer not to use the term, “seller’s market” in a time like this.  It is a good time to sell a home, but “imbalanced” market better captures the strain many people are feeling. 
    Q: What advice do you have for those looking for a first-time home?
A: Start preparing NOW if you are considering the possibility of buying your first home.  Talk to a real estate professional you trust and pick their brain.  Ask them what you should do – they’ll be happy to tell you.  Real Estate agents love talking about real estate.  Your trusted Realtor will point you in the direction of a reliable lender, and this is one of the most important partners you will have in your home buying journey. 
If there are credit issues a potential buyer needs to consider a good mortgage rep will counsel you on how to fix some of those problems.  Or they will advise you on what NOT to do – like changing your job if it may affect your ability to get financing or depleting your cash reserves which you may need depending on the loan product you pursue.  And once you’ve pinned down your budget through the advice of your agent and lender, stick to your budget and the homes that fit in your budget.  In fact, with homes continually going above the asking price, it would be best to aim a little lower than your target budget so that you have additional firepower when the home you wish to pursue is in a competitive situation with multiple offers. 
    Q: What’s your favorite part of the job?
A: The job changes constantly. Rules constantly change. Markets constantly change. Tools and technology constantly change.  Real estate is not a static job, and that makes it an exciting career.  That and helping someone land their permanent home in Cape May County.  There really is nothing more satisfying than helping someone you know, someone you grew up with, someone moving back to the area, or someone that has loved this area finally attain a piece of it.  It’s a big deal. 

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