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Saturday, June 15, 2024


Goldprint Barbershop Brings Old-School Haircuts to North Cape May

The interior of Goldprint Barbershop

By Herald Staff

After many months of hard work and dedication, the owner, Jonathan Delgado, fulfilled his dream to open up his very own barbershop. One of the main goals that he had in mind was to offer the community a classic barbershop environment.
Having been a professional barber for over a decade, he knew exactly how to build the perfect shop with the perfect tools. Alongside his wife, Valerie, Jonathan was finally able to accomplish the grand opening of Goldprint Barbershop on August 1st.
The process from building to opening took many months of hard work and preparation. It was the culmination of tireless work, savings, and sweat equity. “Everytime I looked, there was something new that needed to be done. It almost felt like we would never finish,” Valerie said. She remembers many nights of cleaning and painting while their three young kids ran around the unopened barbershop. Together they finished with the end result of a floorplan that matched their vision.
Goldprint has had a successful opening and the amount of support from the community has been overwhelming. Jonathan, alongside his fellow barber Axel, specialize in skin fades. “A lot of people in the area don’t focus on straight-edge, hot shaves, flat tops, and old school skin fades, and those are the kinds of things we want to bring here,” Jonathan said.
Aside from the services, one of his goals is to develop a foundation of trust with the clients. “We want to provide a service to you and when you sit on our chair, the time is for you. We want to make sure you walk out of Goldprint with an amazing haircut,” he said. Every person who walks through Goldprint receives individualized attention based on the service that they are requesting. 
Come check out Goldprint Barber shop at 3704 Bayshore Rd, North Cape May. They book quickly; give them a call or text at 609-908-8755. Walk-ins accepted but appointments are recommended. 

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