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Sunday, May 19, 2024


Grillo Family Donates Funds to Diller Home for Blind Children


By Herald Staff

AVALON — Anna Grillo and family visited the Helen L. Diller Vacation Home for Blind Children here Nov. 27 to present a donation of $3,800 to assist the home in its mission to provide vacations to visually impaired children.
“We are very grateful for the donation from the Grillo family,” said Doug Heun, president of the Diller Vacation Home, in a borough press release. “This type of charitable giving is what helps us provide memorable vacations for visually-impaired children from our region.”
Grillo provides a donation each year in Avalon to a special organization or charity that works for the betterment of the community. Grillo offers a donation each year in the memory of her late husband, Joseph Grillo.
This year’s donation came from proceeds from an annual golf tournament held in Joseph Grillo’s honor. This year, 2009, marked the seventh year the golf tournament has been held.
The Helen L. Diller Vacation Home for Blind Children is located at 127 26th Street.
Since 1972, blind and visually impaired children have been enjoying a one-week summer vacation at the home from mid-June through mid-August.
The home provides vacations to children between the ages of 7 and 15 and there is a one to five staff-to-child ratio provided for the vacationers.
It costs approximately $1,500 to provide a one-week experience for a child, but there is no cost to the families. The Diller home is supported by volunteerism, foundation grants, general donations and community organizations.
Key benefactors include Tim Kerr Charities, Avalon Lions Club and the William G. & Helen C. Hoffman Foundation.
The home is a New Jersey Lions International District 16C supported project.
For more information on the Helen L. Diller Vacation Home for Blind Children, visit
The next Grillo golf outing will be held on Aug. 15, 2010 at 2 p.m. at the Avalon Golf Club in Swainton.

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