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Monday, May 20, 2024


BIRTHS – 2-10

By Herald Staff

The following births have been reported at Cape Regional Medical Center:
Jaylene Nayelez San-tiago to Jacqueline Mercado and Ernesto Santiago of Rio Grande, Jan. 17.
Kylee Grace Pond to Christel and Christopher Pond of Wildwood, Jan. 18.
Carl Robert Caperton Jr., to Sarah Lynn Dean and Carl Caperton of North Cape May, Jan. 18.
Gianna Jazmin Foss to Melissa Foss of Wildwood Crest, Jan. 20.
Addison Elizabeth Troiano to Elizabeth and Ryan Troiano of Wildwood, Jan. 22.
Bristol May Kirk to Jamie Booth and Matthew Kirk Sr. of Wildwood, Jan. 23.
Tesai Prince Moore to Rachel Cox and Jared Moore of Court House, Jan. 25.
Thomas Michael Stephen Cox to Jennifer and Stephen Cox of North Cape May, Jan. 25.
Damien Junior Arce to Kaylin Boyer and Osvaldo Arce of Wildwood, Jan 25.
Lukas David Collins to Jessica Lynn and Erik Collins of Cape May, Jan. 26.
Anastasia Regina-Lee Hall to Antoinette Cheeks and Victor Hall of Whitesboro, Jan. 26.
Eliana Cyan Diaz to Cassandra and Ryan Diaz of Woodbine, Jan. 27.
Anayaliz Annette Negron to Nataly Negron of Court House, Jan. 28.
Ava Chanel Sutton to Robin and Ernest Sutton of Villas, Jan. 28.
Johnathan Emet Deseignora to Rebecca Watson and Stanley Deseignora of Rio Grande, Jan. 29.
Leah Jade Angstadt to KayCee Ferguson and Brian Angstadt of Court House, Jan. 29.

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