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Birth Annoucements 5.31.2006

By Rick Racela

Alexis Lee Kenyon to Jeffrey and Christy Kenyon, March 16.
Kiyanna Mercedes Robinson to Larry Walker and Evette Robinson Kaplan of Woodbine, May 2.
Aaliyan Marie Jonassaint to Christopher and Rebecca Jonassaint of Whitesboro, May 2.
Hailey Elizabeth Furey, to Kimberly Furey, May 3.
Kiara Skye Mollenkof to Tom Mollenkof, Sr. and Brenda Bender of Rio Grande, May 3.
Jason Jarek Cozza to Jason Cozza and Joanna Grabarczyk of Wildwood Crest, May 3.
Rebecca Lynne Hilvert to Todd Hilvert and Jennifer Flash of North Cape May, May 4.
Ramon Alberto Alfonso to Ramin Alfonso and Naisha Arroyo of Cape May, May 5.
Dani Leah Shaw to Edward Shaw, Jr. and Nicole Elizabeth Carr of North Cape May, May 5.
Angelique Cora Richardson to Kenneth Laverne Richardson and Michelle Frances Barth of Wildwood, May 6.
Hailey Elizabeth Marilyn Linz to Michael Linz and Crystal Gansert of Clermont, May 8.
John Tyler Matusiak to John and Lisa Matusiak of Cape May, May 8.
Elijah William Kelly to Jacqueline Kelly of Wildwood, May 9.
Brynn Emilee Owens to James and Brenda Owens of North Cape May, May 9.
Hunter William Clark to William Clark III and Elizabeth Cresse of Court House, May 10.
Nathan Chandler Donnelly to Timothy Donnelly and Alishia Holmes of North Cape May, May 11.
Odyssey Quinonez to Jorge Quinonez and Gladys Morales, May 12.
Destiny Michele Famiano to Gina Famiano of North Cape May, May 12.
Benjamin Christopher Rue to Chris Rue and Megan Knopf of Villas, May 12.
Drew Everett Murray to Demond Murray and Dyneshia Bellamy of Whitesboro, May 14.
Star Katalina Newill to Andrew Newill and Victoria Wimley of Woodbine, May 16.
Mckayla Patricia Lee to Steven Lee and Leanne Chanley of Cape May, May 16.
Dakota Tyler McPherson to Lanny and Peggy McPherson of North Cape May, May 16.
Quinten John Hagan to Derek and Jeanmarie Hagan of Villas, May 16.
Ryan Edward Troiano to Ryan and Elizabeth Troiano of Wildwood, May 17.

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Cape May Court House – The wait at a large pharmacy is unbelievable!! The line goes half way through the store at times. They are too short staffed. Isn't there anyone who wants a cashiers job?

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Wildwood – The the richest person in the world, who was born in another country, who wants for absolutely nothing, feels the situation is so dire in the US under Biden’s rule, that he needs to expose the chaos…

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Cape May – Cost to Build Trump's Wall? $6 Billion One Time Cost.
Cost of Illegals to the American Taxpayers? $150.7 Billion Every Year and Growing (Fairus Study)
Cost Per Illegal Per Year = $9,723 (15.5…

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