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“The Sun Lounge on 6th” Brings Relaxing Tans to North Wildwood

Jackie McDade

By Herald Staff

“The Sun Lounge on 6th” in North Wildwood finally brings a full-service tanning salon to the Wildwoods. Katrina Pastor and Jackie McDade, a mother and daughter power team, have spent the past several months designing a space where locals and visitors alike can get a tan and truly relax at the same time.
Jackie said that one of their principal design goals was to create an immediately welcoming atmosphere in the salon; Katrina said that too many tanning salons overwhelm guests with loud music and flashing lights. The Sun Lounge on 6th in North Wildwood offers a curated vibe alongside all-natural spray tans, several lie-down tannings beds with their own private rooms, and a stand-up full-power bed that locals can visit all year long.
Jackie said that she has wanted to open a tanning salon for many years. She has owned Perfect Cutz in Wildwood Crest for over a decade but has finally found the perfect time to branch out. “She knows a little something about running a business,” Katrina laughed. Together, with Jackie’s business sense and Katrina’s eye for clean design and marketing, they dreamed up The Sun Lounge on 6th.
Katrina and her mother each emphasize different parts of the business. Jackie, now a grandmother, says that their traditional tanning beds offer a tangible serotonin and confidence boost for those, like herself, that use them with any regularity. “It’s something that makes you really feel good about yourself; it really helps with seasonal depression, and it’s good for psoriatic arthritis,” she said.
 Katrina, a mother in her late 20s, greatly prefers spray tans; she says that the technology behind spray tans has come a long way in the past decade. She is a certified spray tan technician who knows a whole lot about the ingredients that go into tanning formulas. She stressed that the formulas used by Sun Lounge on 6th are all-natural, vegan, cruelty-free, and are otherwise a step above the solutions that most might be familiar with.
“I did a deep dive into tanning solutions that went with our brand. I wanted to make sure our solution fits with our vision for this place,” she said. Katrina vetted all the products sold at the salon herself. “I wanted the natural feel to apply to everything that we do and sell,” she stressed.
The Sun Lounge on 6th in North Wildwood offers monthly all-access prices as well as low-priced stop-in visits. Come give them a try on 602 New Jersey Ave or give them a call at 609-523-6712. 

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