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Tuesday, May 28, 2024


Cape Regional Installs PerfectPitch Robotic Couch in its Cancer Center

The RNS Board of Directors visited Cape Regional’s Brodesser Cancer Center to observe the recently installed Varian PerfectPitch™ Robotic Couch. In December 2023, RNS pledged $259,417 toward the acquisition of this advanced technology, and presented their initial $50,000 installment.

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In December 2023, Cape Regional Health System announced a generous pledge of $259,417 from the Ruth Newman Shapiro (RNS) Cancer and Heart Fund. This contribution was dedicated to enhancing Cape Regional’s radiation oncology program through the purchase of cutting-edge equipment. The recent completion of the installation of the Varian PerfectPitch™ Robotic Couch marks a significant advancement in the hospital’s capabilities. On April 23rd, the Board of Directors of RNS visited Cape Regional Health System to observe firsthand the state-of-the-art equipment now operational.

“The installation of the TrueBeam PerfectPitchTM Robotic Couch at the Brodesser Cancer Center has been completed,” stated Dr. David Cho, Radiation Oncologist and Medical Director of the Brodesser Cancer Center. “With PerfectPitch™, radiation oncology patients benefit from enhanced precision in positioning both before and during treatment, thereby optimizing the delivery of radiation therapy. This technology ensures that patients maintain consistent positioning throughout each treatment session, contributing to more effective and reliable treatment outcomes.”

Heidi Horner, Administrative Director of Oncology Services, added, “The TrueBeam PerfectPitch™ Robotic Couch is designed with patient-centered care as the priority. We deeply appreciate RNS’ 20 year commitment and their steadfast support of our mission to provide the Cape May County community with the highest quality, state-of-the-art cancer services.

“We are thrilled with the installation of the PerfectPitch™ Robotic Couch at the Brodesser Cancer Center,” stated Roe Magliocco, President of RNS. “This cutting-edge technology underscores our continuing dedication to advancing cancer care and ensuring that patients in Cape May County have access to the most innovative treatments available.”

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