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Monday, May 20, 2024


Biden’s Violations

By Anthony DiSimone, Wildwood

To the Editor:

President Biden has violated the Constitution of the United States. He has done so by his assumption of authority that is counter to law. He has essentially defied the Supreme Court of the United States and has superseded their direct legal decision in violation of the separation of power as provided in the Constitution.

No matter how he attempts to consent using taxpayer money to erase certain student debt the decision of the Supreme Court stands as authority. Instead of abiding by that majority decision he has brazenly continued to use taxpayer funds too by abolishing over $1.37 billion in debt.

He also has, by executive orders, unlawfully suspended the immigration laws that were duly instituted by the Congress. In an effort to flood the nation with unvetted illegal aliens he has allowed unregistered, undocumented aliens to enter the country en masse, with no due process as prescribed by the law , defying the very Constitutional divisions of power on which the laws are based.

At some point if we allow him to diminish the Constitution we will embrace chaos and indeed dictatorship. When will the Congress and Senate stand up and refuse to accept this action?

Ignoring laws so brazenly without even an attempt by fellow democrats to stop Biden creates a real crisis.

Our nation is in peril as never before. Our very institutions conceived to preserve democracy have been infiltrated and corrupted so as to usurp the power of our duly elected representatives and seek to render their power secondary to the unelected massive bureaucracy wielded by a cabal of faceless conspirators whose collective power is steering the government toward a path of their choosing, not that of the people.

When framers of the Constitution debated, the singular most concern was that the federal government would overpower personal liberty and freedom. Allowing federal agencies to dictate policy and indeed reducing the effect of our duly elected Congress and Senate is exactly the fear our forefathers had when they insisted on adding a “Bill of Rights.” Unfortunately, even that is being compromised. There is little restraining to presidential executive orders. Divisions of the federal government make regulations with extreme power that bypasses our legislative and judicial branches. While elections have consequences the very concept of representative government is confidence that our republic shall not be corrupted. This consideration should be paramount when next you vote for our leadership in November.



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